Have you ever watched a film and thought, "Wow, why don't people like that exist in real life?"


Have you ever looked at a picture of Paul Newman and swooned right out of your chair?  Have you ever brought a book as your date to a bar?  Yeah, we have, too.  And so has our protagonist, Charlie.  So imagine her disbelief when she finds herself at a party full of the fictional characters and heartthrobs of yesteryear she has always adored.  But she soon learns that in reality, the men she had always imagined are a little different than what she expected.      

This short film is a fun rom-com send-up about what would happen if you walked into a party and met some of the famous characters and historical figures you think you know.  Is Prince Charming all he’s cracked up to be?  Would Mr. Darcy sweep you off your feet if you met him in a bar?  Does Sherlock Holmes suck at small talk?   How do metaphysics work?  ‘Dead. Gay. Fictional.’ will answer (some of) these questions as we watch Charlie try to find true love amongst the men for whom she has always pined.

We hope to shoot this short film in the summer of 2015, and would love for you to be a part of it.  Once completed, we will be entering the film in festivals around the world, and of course, sharing it with you!